Friday, May 12, 2006


It rained heavily in Kampung Baru and KL today.Nowadays, it is a must in KL to have thunderstorm when it rains.Not that I am not happy that it rains, just the fact that I am not a particular fan when u start to hear loud crashing sounds of thunder here and there.Why? Hmmm..not because the fact that recently some people were hurt or died while struck by lightning-using handphones,playing football and sorts.Not because of the fact that a house was burnt when struck by one.Or because you see blackouts here and there because of failed power lines.Or because of watching to much Ripley's Believe It or Not or too many movies. Well...

When i was young, still 3 years old, I saw an uncle of mine struck by lightning in front of my very eyes.I never thought that I would remember it but back a month ago, after 24 years (yes, Im old) of keeping it in my head, I asked my family members who were around at that time whether it happened or not. A YES was the answer that I got. My uncle?He lived to tell the tale...and as for me...when there's thunder and lightning, dont be surprised to see my faced contorting in agitated angles and seeing me cowering for cover....Im not going to go through that sh***** experience again, ever!

Right now, I'd listen to Zap Mama's Rafiki rather than remembering that Zappp experience.

Ji ane! :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"I Shall return"

Dear Everyone,

Wahlauweiiiiiii...another 12 days and it would have been one year,yes i repeat, one year that I have not posted anything on my blogspot! Well, anyways, so that you guys would know I have just bought a brand new laptop, and all my worries are over!Plus free wi-fi service at the store where I am working right now.Im gonna be busy soon-getting married to my 10 years' sweetheart on the 26th of this, stay tuned!

: ) Ezam

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hey people!

Hey you people....ive been busy quite I am.FYI Im not at Starbucks KLCC anymore...if you guys wanna look for me...look for me at Store No.45p Plaza Low I am clicking away at my friends laptop...I guess Ill make it short coz im too tired and lethargic to type.Been typing a lot of reports for the store lately.If you guys have time do please drop by yeahhh?Viva la Ice Grande Vanilla Latte!!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Power Berry 100 plus

I made a rude shock to myself when I dropped by at the Petronas station after work at 2ooam today.Wanted to buy 100 plus tangerine stock.Whats left was this new looking 100 plus POWER.Thought it was just new packaging of the original 100 plus.Hantam lah!When at home tried to drink it....what???Berry???LoOoked at the can again and it said Berry written in small caps under POWER.Makes sense now... POWERBerry.Turns out that it didn't taste bad after all...heheh :P

Friday, January 14, 2005

The other day while I was with my sister at KLCC...guess who I bumped into...two of the Villa academy youth players who came back from the invitational tournament in Australia.The went for glory and beat the youth teams of Barcelona,AC Milan,AIS,Southern Australia,Kashima Antlers and Malaysia and won the finals 5-0.At least they did us Villans proud!Well I showed them the Malaysian hospitality a bit...and this is as close I can get of a pic with ANY Villa player IN KL!Hahah...luckily for me I brought my camera around! Up The Villa!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Where do Villa go from here?

Where do Villa go from here?
Jan 7 2005

As ever, that is a question for the hierarchy within the club.
The signs are good but will they be built upon?

O'Leary has proved himself in the transfer market and a decent transfer-market plunge would finally give Villa's fans something to shout about.

Villa desperately need new faces. For the fans, forO'Leary and, not least for the players.
It is not their position to question what goes on, merely to don the shirt but there are some, like Samuel for instance, who would benefit not only from a rest but also from some competition.
There is no comfort zone but some know they are automatic choices. At no other top-six club, apart from the unique situation of Steven Gerrard at Liverpool, can that ever be said.

Fresh blood is needed. If it is brought in wisely then an exciting new era could be around the corner.

The claret-and-blue half of Birmingham waits with bated breath.

Can the board of directors deliver?

Saturday, January 01, 2005

A group picture of us during the makan2 party.Aiyo... I need a haircut ;P

I went to my first store Kotaraya for a new years party.And all i got here is Abang Adli doing the 70's disco pose.Its Saturday night by the way....havent seen this guy for ages!

And another one! Gai...conference after work that is...

Another 3...Hazim,Mus and Zamir...

Another one...VJ

Abang Lai and Raja waiting for time to go home...lepakking outside the store after closing time.

All tired after the stock take and clean up.

Wonder where all the customers gone at such a time?No celebrations mah...even got Abang Lai on loan to help out during the late middle shift...

Yup...its Nazrul (whos been on study leave),Gai and newcomer Zamir (who'd just doing the dishes).What a day to spend New year's eve...isn't it?

Nazrul,BB and Gai on End of Month right its end of year...we were busy doing stock takes...

Long time no blog-Happy new year!

I've realised that two weeks plus passed by without any blog from me.Pathetic isn;t it?Sorry...but things were crazy at the store...its a busy time at the store...too many customers,too many sick leaves,no partners...I couldnt even get to get my replacement for to replace my replacement leave to replace another replacement leave done!Oh howi enjoyed my leave when i finally got it.Celebrated 2005 without much happenings at KLCC.The new year celebrations were called off to respect the tsunami victims in and around Southeast Asia.Lets hope the new year 2005 brings in a better one for all of us!Happy New Year 2005 Everyone! - Izam